Badge/Name Embroider

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Some schools require a badge or name to be embroidered onto some items. This option will appear in the product description to allow you to add on.

Name tapes

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Peel and stick lapels of iron on name tags can be purchased with any order or induvidually.

Clothing & Footwear


We cater to all children activities whether it is dance, swim, sports and clubs. Our nametape and embroidery service also allows us to personalise bespoke products for your children

Gifts & Accessories


We are a one stop shop with a variety of accessories. We also sell gifts such as Christmas stockings which can be customised to add names with embroidery or if a helpful friend or family member wants to help out, a gift voucher can be purchased.

About Us


All ages & sizes

Low prices

Uniforms, clubs & activewear

Expert service & advice

Graduates are an independent school uniform outfitters that has provided quality school uniform and customer service at affordable prices since 1995. Our uniforms are stocked throughout the year and our highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff are always available to help.

We supply Independent and state schools both through our store and direct to schools in south east London and Kent with uniform, sportswear, teamwear and footwear.

Specialist printing and embroidery is also available for clubs, businesses and societies. We can supply a range of products, be it, a commemorative tie, a tour sweatshirt, workwear or promotional items just contact us for details.


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Graduates in orpington for attending our
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