Specialist printing and embroidery is available for clubs, businesses and societies.

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We offer iron and sew on nametapes, which can be easily applied onto garments.


School uniforms for over 40 schools. Search the school name and find everything that you need.


We supply schools with uniforms, sportswear, dancewear, teamwear and footwear.

Graduates are an independent school uniform outfitters that has provided quality school uniform and customer service at affordable prices since 1995. Our uniforms are stocked throughout the year and our highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff are always available to help.

We supply Independent and state schools both through our store and direct to schools in south east London and Kent with uniform, sportswear, teamwear and footwear.

Specialist printing and embroidery is also available for clubs, businesses and societies. We can supply a range of products, be it, a commemorative tie, a tour sweatshirt, workwear or promotional items just contact us for details.


We sponsor

We are delighted to support our local charity Bromley Brighter Beginnings assisting families across the Bromley borough.



We are not just schoolwear. We want every child to feel good and fulfil their potential, plus create better lives for the people that produce your uniforms.


Our suppliers take great care at every stage of making your schoolwear. From ethical sourcing and promoting workers’ rights to reducing our environmental impact.


Our suppliers help us to provide great uniform to your schools. Making this happen depends on their overseas manufacturers.

We look for much more than a supplier who can produce garments at the right price. We seek out partners who care about their workers and want to keep improving.

They have worked closely with a small number of responsible manufacturing partners for many years because they share our same outlook and values.

Which makes them our partners in the truest sense.

Thanks to these important ties, we know everything about how our uniform is made. The quality of our products is very important to us, but our expectations go way beyond this.

We want children to feel good in our clothes, so we make sure they’re safe to wear, ethically made and tough enough to withstand daily school life. Which includes being used as goalposts.

Our suppliers like to give others a step up. So they help their partners to improve and grow their businesses, too.

The sort of things that they do include gifting water filters to the people who make your garments in Bangladesh, so they have clean drinking water at home. They make sure all the factories are safe working environments. And also help the workers to have more say at work, too.

They are helping our partners do more for the planet. Some of our suppliers are working towards all of their overseas partners being Planet Mark certified and doing more to reduce their carbon footprints.

Better business for them. Better working environments for their workers.

Better schoolwear for you.


Recycled Fabric

Some of our uniforms are made from recycled fabrics, including our blazers, shirts and blouses, sweatshirts, trousers, skirts and ties.

The polyester element used is made from recycled plastic bottles. This uses less energy, reduces CO2 emissions, and fewer bottles end up in landfill.

The polyester used for our tie’s is made from 100% recycled polyester and we plan to introduce more recycled fabric and components soon. Watch this space.

A great choice for Planet Earth (and schools!)